Impress me please

This assignment was our last project of this semester. So almost all of these photos that were chosen had a lot of thought put into them. I recently went to Paris, France for Christmas vacation. There I saw many wonderful things I went to almost all of the tourist attractions and more. I had the wonderful privilege to take pictures of all that Paris has to offer. For some pictures I put more thought in, for example when I took the picture of the Eiffel Tower there was a lot of effort and thought. On Christmas we decided to go up the Eiffel Tower so while we were waiting for our scheduled time I decided to venture off and take pictures of the family with the Eiffel Tower. I literally laid down on the ground for about ten minutes just taking pictures of the Eiffel Tower out of the 12 I took about 7 of them turned out really well. As you can see there was effort in that photo especially taking into account the outfit I ruined because of my dedication to photography. For some of the pictures I used very minimal to no effort whatsoever to get the picture I wanted. For example the picture of the christmas tree with the purple lights. I was in the mall walking around and was walking and saw a spot that had a nice little view of the tree and all that was around it, right behind the cashiers desk. I asked the cashier if I could take a picture and in one shot I had the picture I had envisioned. Maybe even better than how I thought it would turn out. My all time favorite picture of this album is the one of the lady in all white looking in the direction of the Eiffel Tower. I love the contrast between her all white outfit and the Eiffel Tower and the stairs. The picture is by far in my opinion one of the best pictures I have ever taken. I also really enjoyed taking the picture of the Statue of Liberty. That picture is very family oriented. If you look closely at the bottom of the picture you can see a mom and a dad with their child in between them. To me that is an amazing picture and a really in the moment shot. It adds so much life to the picture and makes it feel so much like home. That could have been the first time that child had ever seen the Statue of Liberty in Paris. It adds a bit of personal experience to the photo. It makes you think of the first time you ever saw an important monument with your family. For me it makes me think of the 4th grade when my dad surprised me one weekend and took me to St. Louis to see the Gateway Arch. I will always remember that weekend as one of the best quality trips with my father. I hope that whoever looks at these photos enjoys them just as much as I do. Also feel free to comment on any suggestions you have or on anything you want.


Honey!! Its our aniversary

This photography project was to tell a story. I have no idea how to take pictures of a story..SO as you can see they are not the best. We were in Paris, France and it was our last day. We decided to go to the Statue of Liberty the Paris version. Which is actually a lot bigger than I thought it would be. So I was taking a picture of this old woman walking up the stairs and I turned around and saw my dad giving my mom a Tiffany box. Inside the box was a necklace with Love engraved on it. So i decided to take the pictures. I think the emotions of this moment was very well portrayed, at least as far as I can take them. Also after he had given her the necklace I decided to get the pictures from a different angle and those turned out very good. My parents look really good and look really in love.

Dubai vs. Florida who will win?

The UAE is very different from my hometown in Miami Florida. For our photography project we had to capture aspects of Dubai that we don’t have back where we are from. So I decided to take pictures of many things, Since I came from Florida where it is sunny all the time except for Hurricane season, I am used to green lush vegetation and beautifully decorated roads and everything being appealing to the eyes, not just the buildings. Where as here in Dubai we do not have the luxury of rain so we cannot afford to have everything be lush and green. When this project was assigned I had went on a desert safari and took wonderful pictures of objects and scenery we do not have back home in Florida. For one we do not have deserts we have everglades. We do not have easy access to falcons we have Alligators. We have nice beaches that are very gorgeous, but we do not have as nice of a scenery as Dubai, because of its special landmarks like the Burj Al-Arrab. Also we do not have camels we have horses but no Camels, in fact the only time I ever saw a camel prior to moving to Dubai was when I was at the San Diego Zoo.

Life is but a box of chocolates

For this unit we took pictures of food. We had to take pictures of food and make them look delicious to the eye, and essentially make them perfect. I enjoyed this project but at some times hated it. I had a great idea of something and envisioned it a certain way and when I would take the picture it would turn out completely different. I had placed a couple of apples and limes in a decretive bowl and thought the pictures would turn out beautiful. Unfortunately they did not, the lighting was all wrong. Then I tried to take pictures of other things like toast with kiwi and again had the same problem with lighting. So after a couple hours of pondering how i would solve the problem it hit me. Get the lamp from my parents room and take pictures using that! So I got the lamp and took pictures of pomegranate seeds in a small bowl and they turned out wonderful. I also added a clock in the background to give it more of a homey effect. For example you just had a long day and just want to lay in bed and eat pomegranate seeds. I also took some pictures of our Thanksgiving feast. The lighting was not so good but I really had no control over that because the party was not hosted at my house. I took pictures of a broccoli dish that was still on the oven but looked delicious and actually turned out great in the photo. I also took pictures of some powdered brownies and pumpkin pie. They did not turn as good as I hoped but they did turn out okay. This is just some of my pictures I have described for you, if I describe any more I will probably bore you. Hopefully you enjoyed the pictures


This was a very challenging project but fun all the same. The main focus was to take a portrait of someone using your light in an effective way. That was the hardest part trying to find the balance between  getting a good quality picture with excellent use of lighting. So when we went out during the class time we had to take some pictures I had Almitra hide behind some bushes and act like she was a forest fairy and did not want to be discovered. When we did the portraits in class with the specific lighting for these types of photos, none of them turned out how I wanted. So I took separate ones of two classmates. I loved how they came out. I had bits of natural light and special lights on them which accented the photo beautifully. I also got to capture their essence in a wonderful way. The pictures of the lady in green were very difficult to take because I was in an area of very low light, but thankfully I had one that turned out nice. Then I got my sisters to get dressed up in upcoming festive outfits for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We went around our neighborhood and took pictures. The one picture of my sister where her face is mainly what is lit up and the surrounding is black turned out beautifully.